DW.WPFToolkit.Controls NamespaceDW.WPFToolkit Documentation

Public classCode exampleArcPanel
Arranges child elements in a configurable arc form.
Public classCode exampleBrowseTextBox
Adds a browse button to the EnhancedTextBox.
Public classCancelButton
The button which calls the cancel command in the SearchTextBox.
Public classCode exampleContextMenuItem
Brings an easy to use MenuItem to be used in the ContextMenu no matter if its in an own VisualTree or not.
Public classCornerResizer
Represents a element in the corners of the Resizer to hold and drag in a specific direction.
Public classDefaultMessageCopyFormatter
Takes all data from the WPFMessageBox after user pressed Ctrl+C and copy its information to the clipboard.
Public classCode exampleDockingPane
Represents a pane where items can be collapsed into and expanded back. A single item is visible only at one time.
Public classDockingPaneItem
Represents a single page with header in the DockingPane
Public classCode exampleDynamicTabControl
Enhances the TabControl with buttons for add new tab item and close buttons of existing tab items.
Public classDynamicTabItem
Represents the shown tab in the DynamicTabControl.
Public classCode exampleEllipsedProgressBar
Implements the ProgressBar in an ellipsed form.
Public classEllipseItemsFactory
Implements the IItemsFactory and provides ellipse items to the EllipsedProgressBar
Public classCode exampleEllipsePanel
Arranges child elements in a configurable ellipse form.
Public classCode exampleEnhancedComboBox
Enhances the ComboBox with a background info text.
Public classEnhancedGridViewColumn
Enhances the GridViewColumn by sort information and name.
Public classCode exampleEnhancedListView
Enhances the ListView with additional features like column sorting, dynamic column width and dynamic shown column.
Public classCode exampleEnhancedPasswordBox
Hosts and enhances the PasswordBox to be able to bind the pasword value and show info text in the background.
Public classCode exampleEnhancedTextBox
Enhances the TextBox by the possibilities to show background text, drop files and folders and place additional controls in.
Public classCode exampleEnhancedTreeView
Enhances the TreeView with:
* multi select, * stretching of its child items over the whole width, * select an item by rightclick on it and * a two way bindable SelectedItem.
Public classEnhancedTreeViewItem
Enhances the TreeViewItem to be used in the EnhancedTreeView.
Public classEnumDescriptionConverter
Returns the description of a given enum value.
Public classCode exampleEnumerationComboBox
Represents a ComboBox which takes an enumeration value and shows all possible states inside the dropdown menu for let choosing a value.
Public classEnumerationComboBoxItem
Represents an item inside the EnumerationComboBox which holds the appropriate enumeration object.
Public classFrameResizer
Represents a single line to drag in a specific direction. This is used in the Resizer.
Public classGappedOverlay
Represents a overlay surface to be placed in front of the EllipsedProgressBar.
Public classCode exampleImageButton
Enhances the Button to show an disabled image. The bound image will be shown monochrome if the button is disabled.
Public classLineItemsFactory
Implements the IItemsFactory and provides line items to the EllipsedProgressBar
Public classLostFocusBehavior
Defines the actions which should be done when the NumberBox losts the focus.
Public classMessageBoxStrings
Provides messagebox element strings in the current system language.
Public classMultiplyConverter
Multiplies the given value by the parameter value.
Public classCode exampleNavigationBar
A control which shows a bunch of items which can be expanded and collapsed. All expanded items shares the available space left.
Public classNavigationBarHeaderBar
Represents the header of the NavigationBarItem.
Public classNavigationBarItem
Represents a single item hostet in the NavigationBar.
Public classNavigationBarPanel
The panel which is used in the NavigationBar which arranges the NavigationBarItems.
Public classNavigationBarToggleButton
Represents the button to be clicked in the NavigationBarHeaderBar.
Public classCode exampleNumberBox
Displays a TextBox to accept numeric values only, so the text can be bound to a numeric property direclty without converting.
Public classNumberChangedEventArgs
Holds the data passed when a NumberBox has changed its value.
Public classNumberCheckBox
Represents the check box shown in the NumberBox.
Public classNumberResetButton
Represents the reset to default button shown in the NumberBox.
Public classNumberUnitLabel
Represents the currency symbol shown in the NumberBox.
Public classCode examplePagingControl
Brings the possibility to show several pages one by one. This is possible by slide through the pages using navigation buttons or jump to a page directly.
Public classPagingItem
Holds a specific page in the PagingControl.
Public classPagingJumpBar
Holds all created PagingJumpBarItem shown in the PagingControl.
Public classPagingJumpBarItem
Represents a button to jump directly to a page shown in the PagingControl.
Public classPagingNavigateButton
Represents a button to step forward or backwards through the pages in the PagingControl.
Public classPaneToggleButton
Represents a toggle button in the bottom pane of an DockingPane.
Public classCode exampleResizer
Brings the possibility to resize every UI control manually by hold and drag the corners or sides.
Public classSearchButton
The button which calls the search command in the SearchTextBox.
Public classCode exampleSearchTextBox
Adds search and cancel buttons to the EnhancedTextBox to represent a search box shown like in the Windows explorer.
Public classCode exampleSplitButton
Shows a button which can be clicked but also expanded to call commands from child elements.
Public classSplitButtonItem
Represents a single entry in the drop down of the SplitButton.
Public classSplitToggleButton
Represents the button on the side of the SplitButton to expand or collapse the child items.
Public classTabItemAddButton
Represents the add new tab Button shown in the DynamicTabControl.
Public classTabItemCloseButton
Represents the close Button shown in the DynamicTabControl.
Public classCode exampleTimeBox
Shows textboxes to let the user input a time.
Public classTitledItem
Represents a single element with content and title in the TitledItemsControl.
Public classCode exampleTitledItemsControl
Shows items with its title allined to each other. This can be used for every kind of input masks.
Public classCode exampleTreeComboBox
Represents a ComboBox which shows a tree view in the drop down.
Public classCode exampleTreeListView
Shows the EnhancedTreeView with the possibity to expand or collapse child elements shown in a GridView. The expander can be placed in every column cell template.
Public classTreeListViewConverter
Adds an intending level of the items shown in the tree of the TreeListView.
Public classTreeListViewExpander
Represents the expander shown in the TreeListView to show or collapse child elements.
Public classTreeListViewItem
Sepresents a single entry in the TreeListView.
Public classCode exampleUniformWrapPanel
Enhances the WrapPanel by the feature that all items will have the same size.
Public classUpDownButton
Represents a up or down button shown in the NumberBox control.
Public classCode exampleWPFMessageBox
Show a WPF window as a messagebox which is full configurable.
Public classWPFMessageBoxButtonControl
Represents a button used in the WPFMessageBox.
Public classWPFMessageBoxButtonsPanel
Represents the buttons panel hosted in the WPFMessageBox.
Public classWPFMessageBoxCheckBoxControl
Represents the CheckBox used in the WPFMessageBox.
Public classWPFMessageBoxDetailsButtonControl
Represents the details button shown in the WPFMessageBox.
Public classWPFMessageBoxDetailsPresenter
Holds the details content shown if details in the WPFMessageBox are expanded.
Public classWPFMessageBoxImageControl
Represents the icon shown in the WPFMessageBox.
Public classWPFMessageBoxOptions
Hols all available additional WPFMessageBox options.
Public classWPFMessageBoxOptionsStylesContainer
Holds all properties for styling all UI elements.
Public classWPFMessageBoxOptionsWindowOptionsContainer
Holds all properties for styling all UI elements.
Public classWPFMessageBoxScrollViewerControl
Represents the ScrollViewer used in the WPFMessageBox.
Public classWPFMessageBoxTextControl
Represents the text block used in the WPFMessageBox.

Public interfaceIItemsFactory
The object implementing this interface is used to create and updtae the items in the EllipsedProgressBar depending on the progress value and progress bar state.
Public interfaceIMessageCopyFormatter
Represents the formatter to be used after pressing Ctrl+C with the WPFMessageBox open.

Public delegateNumberChangedEventHandler
The event handler for the NumberChanged event.

Public enumerationButtonPanePosition
Defines where the button pane in the DockingPane should be located.
Public enumerationCornerResizerDirections
Represents the direction where the CornerResizer in the Resizer can be moved.
Public enumerationCornerResizerPositions
Defines where the CornerResizer in the Resizer is placed.
Public enumerationDroppableTypes
Represents what is possible to drop into the EnhancedTextBox.
Public enumerationElementsRotateDirection
Defines how the items should be rotated in the EllipsePanel.
Public enumerationElementStartPosition
Defines the position where the elements has to start in the EllipsePanel.
Public enumerationEllipsedProgressBarKind
Defines how the progress in the EllipsedProgressBar is shown.
Public enumerationEnumDisplayKind
Defines how the enum values in the EnumerationComboBox will be displayed.
Public enumerationExpandDirection
Defines in which direction the DockingPane has to expand.
Public enumerationExpansionMode
Defines how items can be expanded in the NavigationBar.
Public enumerationFrameResizerDirections
Represents the direction where the FrameResizer in the Resizer can be moved.
Public enumerationFrameResizerPositions
Defines where the FrameResizer in the Resizer is placed.
Public enumerationInfoAppearance
Defines when the InfoText in the EnhancedTextBox and its derived controls is visible.
Public enumerationNumberBoxCheckBoxBehavior
Defines what should happen to the NumberBox if the internal checkbox is checked.
Public enumerationNumberBoxSelection
Defines how the automatic selection of the number in the NumberBox should behave.
Public enumerationNumberType
Defines which kind of numbers the NumberBox is accepting.
Public enumerationTimeFormat
Defines if the TimeBox contains a seconds box or not.
Public enumerationUpDownBehavior
Defines how the value in the NumberBox can incremented or decremented.
Public enumerationUpDownDirections
Represents the direction to be used for the up and down button in the NumberBox.
Public enumerationValueBehavior
Defines what the NumberBox should do when it lose the focus without a value (null).
Public enumerationWPFMessageBoxButtons
Defines which buttons to show in the WPFMessageBox.
Public enumerationWPFMessageBoxImage
Defines which icon to show in the WPFMessageBox.
Public enumerationWPFMessageBoxResult
Represents the result of the WPFMessageBox and its default button after calling show.