DW.WPFToolkit.Interactivity NamespaceDW.WPFToolkit Documentation

Public classCode exampleColumnSortBehavior
Brings the feature to UI elements with a GridViewColumnHeader to have a sorting by clicking the corresponding header.
Public classCode exampleColumnVisibilityBehavior
Brings the feature to controls with a GridViewColumnHeader to show or hide columns dynamically.
Public classCode exampleColumnWidthBehavior
Brings the feature to controls with a GridViewColumnHeader to have columns with a dynamic width.
Public classCode exampleCutTooltipBehavior
Brings the functionality to the TextBlock and Label to show the text in the tooltip automatically when its cut.
Public classCode exampleDoubleClickBehavior
Brings the feature to be able to double click any UI element.
Public classCode exampleFocusBehavior
Brings the feature to set the focus to a specific element or on window launch.
Public classCode exampleListBehavior
Gives you some commands when clicking in an ItemsControl or its items.
Public classCode exampleScrollBehavior
Brings the feature to modify the scroll position of an items control.
Public classCode exampleTextBoxBehavior
Brings the features to text boxes to define its selection or bound the selection part.
Public classCode exampleWindowBehavior
Brings the feature to a Window to bind loading and closing action or easy close with dialog result.
Public classWindowClosingArgs
Holds the information if the window can be closed or not. If yes it holds also the information how the DialogResult has to be. This object is used by the WindowBehavior.
Public classCode exampleWindowTitleBarBehavior
Brings the feature to the Window to disable or hide elements in the title bar.

Public enumerationColumnResizeKind
Defines how the columns has to be resized by the ColumnWidthBehavior.
Public enumerationCutTextKind
Defines when the tooltip has to be created by the CutTooltipBehavior.