EnhancedTreeView PropertiesDW.WPFToolkit Documentation

The EnhancedTreeView type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAutoExpandSelected
Gets or sets a value which indicates if the TreeViewItems gets expanded automatically to the selected item when using SelectedElement.
Public propertyItemsContentStretching
Gets or sets a value which indicates of the child tree view items should be stretched over the whole control width or not.
Public propertySelectedElement
Gets or sets the selected item in the tree.
Public propertySelectedItemChangedCommand
Gets or sets the command to be executed if a item got selected.
Public propertySelectedItems
Gets all selected items in the tree view. If nothing is selected an empty list is returned.
Public propertySelectedTreeViewItems
Gets the selected tree view item container.
Public propertySelectionMode
Gets or set a value which indicates how items can be selected in the tree view.
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