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Brings the possibility to show several pages one by one. This is possible by slide through the pages using navigation buttons or jump to a page directly.
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Namespace: DW.WPFToolkit.Controls
Assembly: DW.WPFToolkit (in DW.WPFToolkit.dll) Version:

public class PagingControl : Selector

The PagingControl type exposes the following members.


Public methodPagingControl
Initializes a new instance of the PagingControl class.

Protected methodGetContainerForItemOverride
Generates a new child item container to hold in the PagingControl.
(Overrides ItemsControlGetContainerForItemOverride.)
Protected methodIsItemItsOwnContainerOverride
Checks if the item is already the correct item container. If not the GetContainerForItemOverride will be used to generate the right container.
(Overrides ItemsControlIsItemItsOwnContainerOverride(Object).)
Public methodOnApplyTemplate
The template gets added to the control.
(Overrides FrameworkElementOnApplyTemplate.)
Protected methodOnItemsChanged
Recreates the jump bar items hold in the ButtonItems property as soon the items collection changes.
(Overrides SelectorOnItemsChanged(NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnSelectionChanged
Switches the current displayed page. If HasSlideAnimation is set to true the animation starts.
(Overrides SelectorOnSelectionChanged(SelectionChangedEventArgs).)

Public fieldStatic memberAnimationOrientationProperty
Identifies the AnimationOrientation dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberAnimationSpeedProperty
Identifies the AnimationSpeed dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberButtonItemsProperty
Identifies the ButtonItems dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHasSlideAnimationProperty
Identifies the HasSlideAnimation dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHorizontalNavigationButtonsAlignmentProperty
Identifies the HorizontalNavigationButtonsAlignment dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberJumpBarPositionProperty
Identifies the JumpBarPosition dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberLoopItemsProperty
Identifies the LoopItems dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberNextBarPositionProperty
Identifies the NextBarPosition dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberPreviousBarPositionProperty
Identifies the PreviousBarPosition dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberShowJumpBarProperty
Identifies the ShowJumpBar dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberVerticalNavigationButtonsAlignmentProperty
Identifies the VerticalNavigationButtonsAlignment dependency property.

Public propertyAnimationOrientation
Gets or sets the slide animation direction to be used if HasSlideAnimation is set to true.
Public propertyAnimationSpeed
Gets or sets the slide animation speed to be used if HasSlideAnimation is set to true.
Public propertyButtonItems
Gets or sets the button items used in the PagingJumpBar. This is used internally.
Public propertyHasSlideAnimation
Gets or sets a value that indicates if switching to another page has a slide animation.
Public propertyHorizontalNavigationButtonsAlignment
Gets or sets the horizontal alignment of the previous and next page buttons.
Public propertyJumpBarPosition
Gets or sets a value that indicates where the direct jump bar have to be placed.
Public propertyLoopItems
Gets or sets a value that indicates if the first page should be shown as the next page of the last and backward.
Public propertyNextBarPosition
Gets or sets a value that indicates where the next page button is placed.
Public propertyPreviousBarPosition
Gets or sets a value that indicates where the previous page button is placed.
Public propertyShowJumpBar
Gets or sets a value that indicates if the direct jump bar is visible or not.
Public propertyVerticalNavigationButtonsAlignment
Gets or sets the vertical alignment of the previous and next page buttons.

<WPFToolkit:PagingControl LoopItems="False"
    <WPFToolkit:PagingItem Header="First Header Text" Footer="First Footer Text">
        <ListBox />

    <WPFToolkit:PagingItem Header="Second Header Text" Footer="Second Footer Text">
        <ListBox />

    <WPFToolkit:PagingItem Header="Third Header Text" Footer="Third Footer Text">
        <ListBox />
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