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Adds search and cancel buttons to the EnhancedTextBox to represent a search box shown like in the Windows explorer.
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Namespace: DW.WPFToolkit.Controls
Assembly: DW.WPFToolkit (in DW.WPFToolkit.dll) Version:

public class SearchTextBox : EnhancedTextBox

The SearchTextBox type exposes the following members.


Public methodSearchTextBox
Initializes a new instance of the SearchTextBox class

Public fieldStatic memberCancelCommandParameterProperty
Identifies the CancelCommandParameter dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberCancelCommandProperty
Identifies the CancelCommand dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHorizontalSearchButtonAlignmentProperty
Identifies the HorizontalSearchButtonAlignment dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsSearchingProperty
Identifies the IsSearching dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSearchButtonMarginProperty
Identifies the SearchButtonMargin dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSearchButtonPaddingProperty
Identifies the SearchButtonPadding dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSearchButtonPositionProperty
Identifies the SearchButtonPosition dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSearchCommandParameterProperty
Identifies the SearchCommandParameter dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSearchCommandProperty
Identifies the SearchCommand dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberShowSearchButtonProperty
Identifies the ShowSearchButton dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberVerticalSearchButtonAlignmentProperty
Identifies the VerticalSearchButtonAlignment dependency property.

Public propertyCancelCommand
Gets or sets the command to be called by the cancel button.
Public propertyCancelCommandParameter
Gets or sets the parameter to be passed when the CancelCommand gets executed.
Public propertyHorizontalSearchButtonAlignment
Gets or sets the horizontal alignment of the search button.
Public propertyIsSearching
Gets or sets a value which indicates if the search or cancel button is visible. If true the cancel button is shown; otherwise the search button.
Public propertySearchButtonMargin
Gets or sets the margin of the search button.
Public propertySearchButtonPadding
Gets or sets the padding of the search button.
Public propertySearchButtonPosition
Gets or sets a value which indicates where the search button has to be placed.
Public propertySearchCommand
Gets or sets the command to be called by the search button.
Public propertySearchCommandParameter
Gets or sets the parameter to be passed when the SearchCommand gets executed.
Public propertyShowSearchButton
Gets or sets a value which indicates if the search button is visible or not. This has effect on the cancel button too.
Public propertyVerticalSearchButtonAlignment
Gets or sets the vertical alignment of the search button.

<WPFToolkit:SearchTextBox ShowSearchButton="True"
                          SearchCommand="{Binding SearchCommand}"
                          IsSearching="{Binding IsSearching}"
                          CancelCommand="{Binding CancelSearchCommand}" />
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