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Brings the possibility to modify existing bindings. See BindingAdapter.
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Namespace: DW.WPFToolkit.Helpers
Assembly: DW.WPFToolkit (in DW.WPFToolkit.dll) Version:

public class BindingExtension : FrameworkElement

The BindingExtension type exposes the following members.


Public methodBindingExtension
Initializes a new instance of the BindingExtension class.

Public fieldStatic memberAsyncStateProperty
Identifies the AsyncState dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberBindingGroupNameProperty
Identifies the BindingGroupName dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberBindsDirectlyToSourceProperty
Identifies the BindsDirectlyToSource dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberConverterCultureProperty
Identifies the ConverterCulture dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberConverterParameterProperty
Identifies the ConverterParameter dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberConverterProperty
Identifies the Converter dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberElementNameProperty
Identifies the ElementName dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberFallbackValueProperty
Identifies the FallbackValue dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsAsyncProperty
Identifies the IsAsync dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberModeProperty
Identifies the Mode dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberNotifyOnSourceUpdatedProperty
Identifies the NotifyOnSourceUpdated dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberNotifyOnTargetUpdatedProperty
Identifies the NotifyOnTargetUpdated dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberNotifyOnValidationErrorProperty
Identifies the NotifyOnValidationError dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberPathProperty
Identifies the Path dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberPropertyProperty
Identifies the Property dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberStringFormatProperty
Identifies the StringFormat dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberTargetNullValueProperty
Identifies the TargetNullValue dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberUpdateSourceExceptionFilterProperty
Identifies the UpdateSourceExceptionFilter dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberUpdateSourceTriggerProperty
Identifies the UpdateSourceTrigger dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberValidatesOnDataErrorsProperty
Identifies the ValidatesOnDataErrors dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberValidatesOnExceptionsProperty
Identifies the ValidatesOnExceptions dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberXPathProperty
Identifies the XPath dependency property.

Public propertyAsyncState
Gets or sets the AsyncState in the modified binding.
Public propertyBindingGroupName
Gets or sets the BindingGroupName in the modified binding.
Public propertyBindsDirectlyToSource
Gets or sets the BindsDirectlyToSource in the modified binding.
Public propertyConverter
Gets or sets the Converter in the modified binding.
Public propertyConverterCulture
Gets or sets the ConverterCulture in the modified binding.
Public propertyConverterParameter
Gets or sets the ConverterParameter in the modified binding.
Public propertyElementName
Gets or sets the ElementName in the modified binding.
Public propertyFallbackValue
Gets or sets the FallbackValue in the modified binding.
Public propertyIsAsync
Gets or sets the IsAsync in the modified binding.
Public propertyMode
Gets or sets the Mode in the modified binding.
Public propertyNotifyOnSourceUpdated
Gets or sets the NotifyOnSourceUpdated in the modified binding.
Public propertyNotifyOnTargetUpdated
Gets or sets the NotifyOnTargetUpdated in the modified binding.
Public propertyNotifyOnValidationError
Gets or sets the NotifyOnValidationError in the modified binding.
Public propertyPath
Gets or sets the Path in the modified binding.
Public propertyProperty
Gets or sets the property which binding have to be modified.
Public propertyStringFormat
Gets or sets the StringFormat in the modified binding.
Public propertyTargetNullValue
Gets or sets the TargetNullValue in the modified binding.
Public propertyUpdateSourceExceptionFilter
Gets or sets the UpdateSourceExceptionFilter in the modified binding.
Public propertyUpdateSourceTrigger
Gets or sets the UpdateSourceTrigger in the modified binding.
Public propertyValidatesOnDataErrors
Gets or sets the ValidatesOnDataErrors in the modified binding.
Public propertyValidatesOnExceptions
Gets or sets the ValidatesOnExceptions in the modified binding.
Public propertyXPath
Gets or sets the XPath in the modified binding.

<TextBlock Text="{Binding Demo}" ToolTip="{Binding AnyTag}">
            <Helpers:BindingExtension Property="TextBlock.Text"
                                      Converter="{Binding DemoConverter}"
                                      ConverterParameter="{Binding DemoConverterParameter}" />
            <Helpers:BindingExtension Property="TextBlock.ToolTip"
                                      FallbackValue="{Binding BindingFallbackValue}" />
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